Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Can You Keep A Secret? By Sophie Kinsella

We all have secrets, right? Those deep, dark secrets that we don't dare tell anyone, not even our bestfriend, probably not even our husband or wife! We even try to ignore them sometimes, pretending that we're really not that deranged or crazy for thinking and believing such incredibly awful things!  Like maybe hating a certain person at work, being  sizes bigger than you actually proclaim,  losing your virginity somewhere so inappropriate, etc... So imagine, Emma Corrigan (the novel's main character), during a very turbulent flight,  telling a complete stranger about her personal classified information and soon discovered that this very person turned out to be not only her boss but the owner of the company she's working for?! Pretty soon, all these secrets she divulged are being used against her! Oh my effing God!!! I would've resigned then died if that happened to me!  But Emma handled it way better. There are other amusing subplots as Emma tried to overcome all these things and learned about love along the way. It's so simple yet very catchy. Once you start it, you will not want to put it down. It's such a fun read for me, so perfect for any season. Buy your copy now!