Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Graphic Novels - Batman, Superman and Justice Society of America

My husband and I added three more graphic novels to our little collection of DC and Marvel comics at home. I still have yet to read them but my husband, being a geek and all,  has finished reading each one on the day we bought them. Woah!

Every now and then, when I have some time to kill and I need a break from the other books I usually read, I'd pick up one of Peter's graphic novels and just browse at the illustrations. The only ones I've blogged about here were KINGDOM COME and BATMAN YEAR ONE. I hope to go back to the other DC and Marvel graphic novels I've read before so I can write a post about them here.

Well, for now, here are the new ones we have and hopefully I get to read them soon. Do share if you've already read them. How were they? 
DSC_9249 DSC_9248DSC_9245

Monday, September 20, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

If theDSC_8377re is one book in the Harry Potter series that I would read over and over, it would be this 7th amazing J.K. Rowling masterpiece --- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Now I know why all those years of following the young wizard's adventures, I've always had this inkling of love toward Snape... I always had a hunch of what would become  of Hermione and Ron... and why I couldn't believe Dumbledore to be dead. 

The Harry Potter series has just been an amazing, extraordinary, magical ride of unthought of witchcraft and wizardry and ending it with the Deathly Hallows has just been the most perfect way to culminate the ultimate magical tale of this generation.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happiness in Hard Times

HAPPINESS in HARD TIMES is my 5th Andrew Matthews book. Since my college days, I have been collecting his work:  BEING HAPPY, FOLLOW YOUR HEART, MAKING FRIENDS, HAPPINESS NOW and then this. Andrew Matthews is one of those self-help gurDSC_9241us that I've always depended on especially when my life gets a bit harder to handle. How many times did I think about ending my life when I was still very young? Thanks to Andrew Matthews, I was able to overcome every big and small hurdle that came my way and came out a happier, better and more blessed me. I'd also like to think that his first book, Being Happy, also saved my brother from committing suicide. Yeah... we were a bunch of suicidal maniacs then.^_^

Happiness in Hard Times resonates very well with a lot of people today, especially since many have been and are still continuously beng affected by the worldwide recession that has beset the global market for a few years now. I, for one, did have a couple of lean months when I thought that things won't be back to where it should be. Even before I got a hold of his new book, I've already been practicing the principles I've learned from his books before, and now that I have a copy of this, the stories (not just by Andrew Matthews but by many of his readers and fans as well) are ever more so inspiring me to live a better and happier life no matter how hard life can get sometimes.