Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mercenary Intent by Dennis Hambright

This may be the very first time that I have read an action-packed novel. I used to have biases about these kinds of stories because for one, they're too macho for me and if you notice, I always prefer chick lits, fantasy adventure and the self-help kinds. I guess the closest that I have come to reading this type of book was when I used to read all of Sidney Sheldon's novels back in High School (I've read them all...he's one of my most favorites then and now...may he rest in peace) and Dan Brown's Angel and Demons, Da Vinci Code, Deception Point and Digital Fortress (which I have read several years ago and have yet found the time to review here). Even these novels are not purely action material. There's always a huge chunk of adult scenes, philosophy, and love angle to it. Mercenary Intent is my first EVER purely ation-packed novel but with a heart. I was excited when I first found out about it but I also had my little doubts when the author himself, Dennis Hambright, sent me a signed copy. Nevertheless, I gave it a try.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Winner Stands Alone by Paolo Coelho


This latest book of Paolo Coelho is one that is very different from the rest of the pack (I know because I've read all of them and I have them in my collection). It was a slow read at first but the more I turned its pages, the more hooked I got. Probably because in my own little way, I have brushed with the world of glamour and celebrities through the acting bits I did in theater and TV and I know for a fact how messy, superficial, vain and shallow people can really get. Many will really try everything they can to get a piece of the pie... any piece of fame and glory that they can get their hands on. Most of the time, I detest it. But for Paolo Coelho's characters in this book, The Superclass, fame and fortune have  become the end all and be all of living.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Current Book Collection

OMG! It's been several months since I last sreviewed a book here. Honestly I have been so busy with my life...with work... with social activities and travels that I haven't really had the time tro finish reading any of my books. And I got tons of 'em! I hope to finish one before this month ends. Until then, let me show you my current collection: