Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thor, Avengers, Archie Marries Graphic Novels

Ever since I watched Thor last weekend, twice --- one in  3D and one on regular cinema, I've really been gaga about him. Perhaps it's because Chris  Hemsworth was really perfect for the role, with his God-like,  uber gorgeous body and those blue eyes to die for. Natalie Portman was an awesome Jane foster too! I didn't at all see her Black Swan character in there (unlike Jennifer Aniston for instance who pretty much acts like Rachel Green of Friends in almost every role she portrays). Even Kat Dennings was awesome. A few hours before I watched Thor in 3D, I watched Charlie Bartlett at home where  Kat Dennings also starred and it's amazing how she transformed into this cute political science sidekick of Jane Foster in the movie as opposed to usually being slutty or flirty in some movies she starred in.