Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Complete Guide to Surfing

I just finished reading THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO SURFING by Peter Dixon  only after a few days. That's quite fast considering that this book is like the encyclopedia of the surfing world! I guess, I really am THAT interested in this sport. I learned that surfing is not just about having fun at catching waves, but it's also about learning to watch the nature of the water and my fellow surfers as well  so I could enhance my knowledge of the ocean and the sport.

I have to be respectful of the lineup and very good at swimming with strong physical and emotional health before I can master or even just enjoy surfing.  Once I'm confident of my capabilities (meaning, ready to be wiped out on so many occasions) then I am ready to learn various 
moves and tricks. I'll definitely be stoked! Well, I already am!  

Sunday, November 12, 2006

At First Sight & True Believer by Nicholas Sparks


Nicholas Sparks, best-selling author of  A WALK TO REMEMBER and THE NOTEBOOK, wrote At First Sight  as a sequel to True Believer starring Jeremy Marsh  (a New Yorker and a well-known writer in the magazine Scientific American) and Lexie Darnell(a simple librarian in the small town of Boone Creek, Texas). 

In the first book, True Believer, Jeremy Marsh set foot in the small town of Boone Creek to expose the amazing night lights in the town's cemetery which were believed to be supernatural. Even  Lexie believed  that the lights were ghosts of her parents who died when she was still young. Whether true or not, this belief has been one of the long-standing mysteries of this quaint little town helping it with its tourism. Therefore,  exposing it would mean getting into the bad side of its very eccentric mayor, Mr. Gherkins, and its people.