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Reader's Digest Oct 2011 Cracked Me Up! (Plus a Giveaway!)

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My Reader's Digest for October 2011 is here!!!

I wasn't feeling all too well today. I was groggy and I feel like my heart is going to give up soon. I blame it on staying awake for long periods at time and forgetting to sleep. So I I had to forego that Tapella dinner and just let Peter go to that wonderful food tasting event in Greenbelt 5. Anyway, when I woke up early this evening, I was greeted, not just by my husband who came home bringing food from Tapella, but I also got my Reader's Digest October 2011 Edition in the mail.

After having lamb stew for dinner (or is it breakfast? I dunno... my body clock does not recognize the time of day anymore), Peter, my dear loving husband, read me a few pages of Reader's Digest's features. We of course went through the following pages first: @WORK, Personal Stories, and Last Laugh. As usual, the content, if not heart-warming, was funny. But there's this one entry in LAST LAUGH that really cracked me up! Peter and I were laughing, I think, for five whole minutes, that our eyes were already welling up with tears.

Let me share it with you here:
Jumping the Gun
A boy from the privince rents a room at a hotel.
Boy: I know that I am a provincial boy, but please don't try to cheat me! Why is my room like this? So tiny, wth no bed and windows? I paid a lot for this room, and this is all I get?
Bellboy: Sir, we're still in the elevator. Don't get too excited, OK?

This joke by the way, is from Mary Ann Homecillo, Philippines

LOL! I can just picture the boy in my head. Peter actually did a voice rendition of this joke and I couldn't stop laughing! Too bad he doesn't want me to video record him (when I did in the past, he got mad at me... but here's he link, hehe:

Anyway, I hope you find the joke funny too coz I'm still chuckling as I write this.  Getting my copy of Reader's Digest reminds me of all those editions that came to my mail but I never really finish reading. Sometimes I wish I can just bum all year just so I can start and finish reading not just this magazine I subscribe to, but my ton of other books as well. Oh well, here's to wishing!

Another thought is to just give away some of those old copies of Reader's Digest that are gathering dust in my bookshelf. I'm a bit sentimental so I don't easily let go of things. But maybe I should start letting go. What do you think? Right here in front of me,  I have January, March, July, Agust, October 2010 editions; October-December 2009 editions. That's a total of 8 copies. I want to give away TWO copies to EACH of FOUR LUCKY COMMENTERS. If you're into collecting old Reader's Digest copies and you'd like to get TWO of these wonderful timeless magazine, just do the following. I'll also throw in one Sexy Nomad apparel from my collection for the four lucky commenters. You just have to do the following if interested:

I will manually raffle the four winners and show it here through a video. Deadline is on Oct. 21 at 11:59pm. So that's it! Good luck! :)
Here's the video of the raffle! Congratulations to Tony, Crystal, Tessa and Marites! Watch out for my email notificatin. Til my next bookworm giveaway! :)

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