Monday, August 8, 2011

Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella


I love Sophie Kinsella. Hence, the moment I found out about her newest creation, I headed to the bookstore and bought it. That was ages ago. I am sad to say that I only got to finish reading it a few days ago and that I didn't like this book that much. True, it's still about Becky Bloomwood and her unending battle with her shopaholic disease, but then that's it. I thought that this time around, it would be more about her little 2 year old daughter, Minnie. Maybe I expected wrong. But what can I say, I really thought there would be less Becky and more Minnie.

So anyway, in the middle of reading everything, I  slowly changed my paradigm about it. Then it wasn't so bad after all, which means...

This book seems similar to any other story of Becky Bloomwood. In the beginning, she tries so hard to control her impulsive desire to shop. With the global ecoconomic crisis happening, she manages to succeed somehow. But then, she once again finds herself in a series of troubles. It seemed mind-boggling at first as to how she'll get out of the mess she made (like planning a huge birthday party for her husband, Luke, when she doesn't have enough money to pay for this extravagant dream of hers). Then lo and behold, through some unexpected help, Becky still manages to get through it with flying colors. That's Becky for you... always the lucky one! And truthfully, I am quite tired of reading the same plot over and over. 

I hope Sophie Kinsella will write about something else, like that Twenties Girl  she wrote before which I really loved. Or Remember Me which I finished reading in less than 24 hours.   But in case she does write about Becky Bloomwood again, I hope Becky would have matured a little bit this time around.

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  1. I am a huge Sophie Kinsella fan! I love the character of Becky, she is a lot like a British "I Love Lucy" and I think that is why I love her so much... I have read all of Sohie's books and would recommend them to anyone for a light-hearted fun read. A great beach book or something fun for a book club.